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The most basic diet for pediatric colds suggests that pediatric colds should be prevented like this

Many children are prone to catch a cold every season, which will inevitably interfere with many parents.

So what better way to prevent pediatric colds?

Many people know that children’s resistance is relatively low, so they are prone to catch a cold when the seasons alternate.

So what better way to help children prevent colds effectively?

Here is a brief introduction to the dietary prevention methods for children with colds.

Dietary advice to prevent pediatric colds One, eat more vitamin A food scientists suggest that the lack of VA in children in autumn is a major cause of respiratory infections.

In the high season of respiratory infections such as colds, children are given foods rich in VA to enhance the body’s immunity to obtain anti-cold effects.

In addition, VA reduces the risk of measles and death.

Previous VA foods were carrots, leeks, spinach, pumpkin, red and yellow fruits, animal livers, and milk.

Second, reasonable reservations should pay attention to food varieties, food, beans, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, oil, sugar, etc., should not be partial eclipse, should pay attention to the combination of meat, fine and fine, dry and thin mix, salty and sweet.
Also pay attention to the proportion of food, avoid eating too high conversion, protein and a small amount of food, because this food may cause the “lung stomach heat” that Chinese medicine calls, to provide incentives for the occurrence of colds.

In short, parents should master scientific nutrition knowledge, provide children with excessive transformation and protein, multivitamins and appropriate trace elements to meet the needs of children’s growth and development, enhance immunity and reduce the frequency of colds.

Third, eating more toxic iron foods found that the lack of iron in the body can cause changes in the number of natural killer cells and other immune function reduction.

The appropriate iron food overcomes the above-mentioned changes that are not conducive to the body’s disease resistance, and is corrected to return to normal and achieve the purpose of combating the cold virus.

Such foods include animal blood, milk, eggs, spinach, and meat.

But it is not appropriate to blindly eat too much.

Fourth, eating more alkaline foods The alkaline environment of the body is not conducive to the reproduction of the virus, which means that if the body can maintain an alkaline environment, the cold virus will have no chance, so eat more alkaline food, thus changing the body.The internal environment is one of the best ways to improve immunity against cold viruses.

V. Foods that eat more vitamin C can reduce the cystine contained in the protein inside the food to cysteine. Cysteine is an important member of the body’s immune army – an essential substance for antibody synthesis, so VC has indirectPromote antibody synthesis and enhance immunity.

It is effective to prevent children from eating more of the expected VC food.

All kinds of fresh green leafy vegetables and various fruits are good foods that supplement VC.

Sixth, food research that eats more of the expected zinc shows that zinc is the “buster” of too many viruses.

Eating more zinc in the high season of colds helps the body resist colds and viruses.

Meat, seafood and poultry are the most abundant in zinc.

In addition, a variety of beans, hard fruits and various seeds are also better zinc-containing foods that can be substituted.