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Will you lose the “earth” when you live in a tall building?

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“I even feel bad about my health.”
Is that true?
The reporter visited Lu Xiong, director of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Second Hospital of Guangdong Province.
銆€銆€What is “land”?
銆€銆€Is there really a “ground gas” that the elderly say?
Lu Xiong said that in the traditional Chinese medicine classics, some of them involve this kind of “earth gas” research, the most typical of which is the “gravity” approach. The purpose of this practice is to obtain the “Essence of Heaven and Earth”, including people.Said “land”.
He believes that the so-called “the essence of heaven and earth” actually refers to a healthy natural environment, which is a combination of various conditions such as environment, climate and air.
銆€銆€Relatively speaking, the “earth gas” is more humid, and the neutrality of traditional Chinese medicine is “yin”. If it accumulates in certain seasons and lots, it may produce unfavorable substances. The “helium” in the past belongs to this category.
From a physiological point of view, this “earth” itself does not have a particularly direct impact on the human body. However, for some special people, always living in the upper level and lacking “ground gas” does have the potential to affect their physical fitness.
Why is this?
銆€銆€Some people live high and are easy to induce illnesses. Lu Xiong believes that this factor affecting more factors comes from psychological effects.
Affected by the attraction of the earth, humans always feel that there is a kind of “down-to-earth” feeling near the earth, and there is a greater sense of security. In the air, high-rise buildings have a sense of instability in the “sky castle”, plus high-rise buildings.The object itself will have a certain degree of swing. If the person who is sensitive to this is added with some traditional ideas of the elderly, it is easier to make a kind of uneasy psychological impact.
At the same time, because objectively high air is thinner than low, the amount of oxygen is reduced, and the attraction of the earth is also reduced. It is indeed inappropriate for patients with some diseases, especially chronic bronchitis and heart disease.Patients with angina pectoris, cerebrovascular and visceral lesions, who live in high altitude for a long time, are unfavorable to their disease development and may aggravate their condition.
銆€銆€On the other hand, these diseases are subject to certain psychological influences. People who have lived in high-rise buildings for a long time, especially the elderly, will have certain unrest, and even nightmares will lead to insomnia and horror.
Long-term changes in these psychological factors may lead to changes in physiological factors, thereby aggravating the condition.
銆€銆€Some people think that living in the “real world” of high-definition, but from another point of view, it is not necessarily a bad thing to leave the “earth”.
As mentioned before, the “ground gas” is a yin, easy to accumulate and cause a favorable environment for the production of germs. In particular, our urban buildings are relatively dense, and the industrial pollution, living pollution, noise pollution and other factors in the city are at the lower level.The buildings tend to be relatively closed, lacking sunlight, and the air is not circulated. These factors make the atmosphere accumulate, the atmospheric dust precipitates, and it is not easy to spread, resulting in 鈥渉elium鈥?
In this way, living in a relatively fresh air level, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and abandoning the “ground gas” is not a wise move.
銆€銆€From the perspective of psychological factors, for some people, they will regard living high as a kind of “realm”.
Lu Xiong said that “condescending” is a way to achieve psychological aspirations. They will feel that living in a high place can achieve inner satisfaction and realize their potential.
For this part of the people, of course, living higher than the low is better.
However, the premise is that there is no organic disease in the body.
銆€銆€In addition, Lu Xiong believes that if there are children in the family, parents are more suitable to live in high places, instead of being able to absorb the “ground gas” as the elderly said, they can grow up quickly.
Whether the “earth gas” can make children grow up quickly has no scientific evidence, but the living environment has a great relationship with the child’s personality development. Children who often live in open fields and air circulation will have better personality and release.It is more cheerful and optimistic; on the contrary, children who live in a dark and narrow environment for a long time will be suppressed and will be more introverted.
銆€銆€Living high and low should also be tailored to local conditions. How high is it to live in the end?
Lu Xiong believes that in general, the middle class is more moderate and can take care of all aspects.
If you want to choose to live high or live low, it is not absolute. In addition to being “adapted to people”, it is also necessary to “adapt to local conditions”–such as Baiyun District itself belongs to Guangzhou’s higher terrain, even if you want to live high.At this point, buying a building here does not necessarily have to choose a very high floor. The 10th and 8th floors are more suitable. For a relatively low-lying area, it is more appropriate to live in a high-rise area of about 20 floors.
He pointed out that the choice of floors should be considered in consideration of the terrain and environment of the building.
For those who have already bought a house, there are also some positive ways to buffer the impact of the floor too high or too low, such as noise insulation and other measures.