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The foundation of friendship you can’t think of

A man picked up a young lion on the mountain road and took it home.

He cares for the lion, feeds it with fine food, combs it, and bathes it.

The lion was also intimate with him, licking his front, licking his hands and feet, walking with him, and playing with him.

The lion grew up in his arms and grew into a mighty lion, and he was as gentle as a dog.

銆€銆€One day he suddenly thought: riding a lion to travel.

So he rode the lion and embarked on a journey.

The lion was very obedient along the way and stared at him steadily.

Somewhere, some people applauded him, and he was more eager.

銆€銆€Someone on the road asked him: “Is the lion not eating you?

He said: “How is that possible?”

“There is a dog on the road asking the lion: “Why don’t you eat him?”

“The lion said, “How is that possible?”

“One day they are going through a desert. The road meets the sand, and the water and food are rolled up.”

He also comforted the lion when he was distressed: “Friends endured the point, waited for the desert, I let you have a full meal.

“And jump down and walk.

As the day passed, the lion was hungry around him; two days later, the lion was hungry and his hands and feet were gone; after three days passed, the lion gave him a soft bite; April passed, the lionOn his fifth day, the obese lion picked up his blood red eyes. When he was about to step on it, the lion struggled to throw him down and tear him into pieces.

He didn’t understand until he died. How did the lion eat him?

銆€銆€Some of the world’s friendships are based on warmth. They are full of warm and intimate friends. When they live and die, they will reveal the ferocious nature.

The result is not surprising: you are seen as an intimate friend, sometimes giving you a fatal blow.