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Intervene in the psychological crisis of “empty nest elderly”

After the original rules of life are disrupted, the old people will not be able to adapt and appear irritability, depression and depression. When facing the “empty nest”, they will feel emotionally and psychologically lost support and dependence, feel themselvesThe existence of the child is no longer valuable to the children, and then into a state of boring, unintended, helpless, which will make their social interaction less, loss of personal value, more occlusion and even suicidal thoughts and practices.
銆€銆€These bad emotions can lead to a series of physical symptoms such as insomnia, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, indigestion, arrhythmia, and even diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and peptic ulcer.
銆€銆€So how to effectively intervene in the psychological crisis of the “empty nest elderly”, so that the old people can spend their old age?
Parents must first have a correct understanding of their relationship with their children. Both parents and children are independent individuals. The two are not affiliated.
Children are like birds. When they are young, they rely on their parents. When they are full, they naturally leave the nest. The departure of their children is a sign that he (she) is mature and independent as a social person.
銆€銆€Before the children leave home, parents should adjust their life center of gravity and life rhythm, instead of turning around the child.
Pay attention to cultivating your hobbies, such as planting flowers, raising birds, calligraphy, art, music, and moderate physical exercise. You can also participate in some group activities, you can get some training in tempering sentiment, and make your life rich and colorful.Being able to make friends and communicate with the society is the best way to broaden your mind and relieve bad feelings.
銆€銆€The separation of children from home does not mean cutting off the relationship with their parents. The channels for people to communicate their feelings are no longer limited to face-to-face communication. Letters, telephone calls, text messages, online chats, etc. can convey warm emotions.
After the children leave home, the couple should pay more attention to each other to give more care, consideration and comfort, establish their own new life rules and emotional support system, and do not change the temporary return of women to keep their mentality stable.
銆€銆€Lack of spiritual comfort is a more serious injury to the “empty nest elderly”, and the comfort of family is crucial to the healthy life of the elderly.
Children should understand the mood of their parents and try to go home as often as possible. This is the greatest comfort to the elderly in loneliness.
銆€銆€There are severe depression, insomnia and various somatic symptoms. Suicidal thoughts and behaviors are elderly people with more serious “empty nest syndrome”. They should seek the help of a psychiatrist or psychiatrist in time to receive the necessary psychology or drugs.Treatment, must not be ill, avoiding illness, delaying the condition.