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Natural Aphrodisiac Jiapin Red Ginseng to Improve Sexual Ability

A recent study in South Korea showed that red ginseng is a “natural aphrodisiac” that has as much sexual enhancement as PDE5 inhibitors (medicines for erectile dysfunction).

  According to a recent report from Chosun Ilbo of Korea, Cui Yongde, a professor of urology at the Affiliated Hospital of Yonsei University, and others conducted an 8-week trial on 73 patients with erectile dysfunction, which proved the aphrodisiac efficacy of red ginseng.

  Researchers divided patients into four 200 mg red ginseng concentrate capsules a day, and the other group received a placebo.

The results showed that the patients taking the red ginseng group had an erectile index of 17 from the original.

2 points to 23.

2 points (30 points out of 100).

There was also a slight increase in the erectile index in the placebo group, “but this may be related to patients’ self-suggestions.

“Cui Yongde introduced.

  The researchers said that the effect of red ginseng on improving erectile function was close to that of a small-dose oral PDE5 inhibitor.

This is mainly the unique composition of red ginseng, especially Rg3 (Special Anti-Fatigue Factor) is playing a role.

Animal experiments show that Rg3 can act on insulin pills, increase androgen secretion, accelerate blood flow to the penis, and thus improve erectile capacity.

After steaming, drying and other processes, the red ginseng has basically eliminated the toxicity and its similarity is very small.

It is a good choice for patients who cannot tolerate PDE5 inhibitors.

  Geng Qiang, a doctor at the Andrology Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that red ginseng is made by replacing the good Korean.

In contrast, there have been a lot of studies on constants, focusing on the relationship between red ginseng and male erectile function.

Jiufu Red Ginseng can improve immunity, anti-fatigue, suppress tumors and adjust endocrine.

It is especially suitable for the elderly, those who are chronically ill and physically weak, and are the first choice tonic for those who are yin and yang.

But people who get angry easily are not suitable for eating.