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Thin people, know why you are not fat?

I want to say a very serious phenomenon today. I found that many thin friends are eating, eating crazy, and then sleeping, going to sleep in the process of fattening!

When raising pigs!

Then, even if it is a few pounds of fat, it is difficult to get fat again, even if it is a few pounds, it is fat.

Especially for male compatriots, what do you want to be strong and sturdy?

  Many thin friends eat a lot, just not long meat.


Because your metabolic point is low.

The energy conversion rate of what others eat is 60%, 70%.

And your conversion rate is only 30%, 40%, then you naturally don’t grow meat.

Then many people go to eat wildly, or just eat fattening drugs, and then delay the effect is not good!

You didn’t solve the problem at all, of course the effect is not good!

  You see people who lose weight, it is dieting and sports, how hard!

And most thin friends?

Few of them are willing to suffer, and few are serious.

  Thin friends want to gain weight and must exercise. After you exercise, you consume more energy. Then the body will naturally absorb more nutrients and energy from the food you absorb. After and after, your body’s absorption and energy conversion rate are alsoCan be adjusted to 60%, 70%.

How can you grow up to be fat at that time?

Don’t continue to eat wildly, no longer eat fattening drugs, and will not lose weight!

  Therefore, I want to say to the fat friends who are too fat and fat: First: I don’t think about how much fattening is going on, not enough!

  Second: You are not willing to pay any point for the great fattening cause, and eat a little bit of bitterness!

Think about how people lose weight, which are not like refugees and coolies.

And you are much happier than they are, you don’t need as much exercise as they are, and they are delicious.

Gradually, I realized that you are fat, strong, and healthy!

The boys are afraid of you, the girls fall in love with you!


On behalf of the micro-fat community, I despise you guys who have increased their fattening and have not succeeded!

  I think what I said makes sense. Everyone will line up and top it!