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Why do women like to think about sex during sex?

Too many women like to “think about” in the process of sex: Is his figure not attractive enough, and is he tired of his uncle . Recently, the American “Women’s Health” magazine summarized the “six major sexual concerns of women”” As a reminder.

  Women are born with a “maternal complex”, especially when they have children, they are fully inspired.

Many people become ashamed or forget to show their sexy side.

Even in the process of sex, they will involuntarily think of what will happen to the child, and even complain or urge the husband to “act” quickly.

This misconception alienates the relationship between husband and wife and does not help family happiness.

  After knowing.

Shy women always take “slow heat” as a rule of conduct, and feel that this meets the standards of ladies.

However, no one wants to sleep with a block of wood, especially the sex that should be enthusiastic and affectionate.

Therefore, women have to learn to show their 10,000 kinds of style in bed, and actively respond to lovers.

  Afraid of swearing.

Although it is not a good habit to say swear words, for men, when they are having sex, their love utters one or two swear words, which is a sign of extreme excitement.

Women should think that there is no need to worry, completely release themselves in sex, and move their hearts freely.

  Fear of light sex is inherent.

Few women are potentially satisfied with their figure.

This worry and lack of self-confidence is manifested in sex, that is, unwillingness to love in bright places.

In fact, no matter whether tall, short, fat or thin, what really attracts men is the unquestionable self-confidence emanating from women.

If you ca n’t be proud of it, you will be wrong for the greatest wealth of your life-yourself.

  Too many women firmly believe that many physical discomforts or illnesses are caused by sex.

As a result, they are afraid and even resist sex.

In fact, the health effect of sex on women is far greater than some supplements.

For example, normal sex helps women prevent migraine headaches, and some rot in men’s semen helps them fight bacterial infections.