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[One-day nutrition recipes]_Diet_Recipes

Nutrition recipes are especially important for some friends who are developing physically, because if the nutrition of the body cannot be delayed in time, it will easily lead to malnutrition, which is not good for the child’s physical development.

One day’s nutritional recipes are actually not difficult to arrange, you can choose some simple nutritional dishes.

How to design a nutritional recipe for elementary school students?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because children have a heavy morning class.

So nutrition accounts for 35% of the day: it is mainly composed of meat, milk, eggs and pasta, vegetables and fruits.

It is best to drink 20 ml of warm boiled water on an empty stomach in the morning, and it is better to have breakfast within 20-30 minutes.

Breakfast is best eaten daily according to the recipe. If there are special circumstances, you must eat an egg, a glass of milk and half an apple, and a bun instead.

Lunch is also very important, accounting for about 40% of nutrition throughout the day.

Summer is best to choose hot and appetizing food.

To keep food fresh, don’t make a lot at a time.

Also don’t buy a lot of fresh ingredients at once, as summer foods tend to spoil.

Adding the right amount of dairy products to lunch is good for calcium absorption and enhances resistance.

If the weather is hot, adding soup to the recipe can help appetizers and increase water content. The best effect is to drink the soup before meals.

It is best to eat seven full meals and try not to eat fruit: fruit is gold in the morning, silver at noon, and zero in the evening!

Let the gastrointestinal tract rest at night and avoid eating most foods that are too saturated and difficult to digest!

It is best not to eat sweets before and after dinner, because there is less activity at night, the body cannot absorb it, and it is easy to cause obesity.

Elementary school students one day nutrition recipes 1 Breakfast: steamed buns and strawberry jam, milk (or soy milk), 1 poached egg, cucumber sauce.

Fruit: 1 summer orange or white radish.

Time: Buckwheat rice, shiitake mushrooms, sweet and sour fish, tofu and blood loofah soup.

Dinner: mung bean porridge, cabbage pork buns, shrimp skin melon.

Elementary school students one day nutritional recipe 2 Breakfast: corn nest wotou, milk (or soy milk), 1 spiced salt tea egg, tofu milk (1/4 block).

Fruit: 枇杷 (or long-lived fruit) 3-4.

Among them: peanut rice, minced eggplant, green onion mashed potatoes, duck seaweed soup.

Dinner: winter amaranth porridge, bean paste, shredded pork with pepper and mustard.

Elementary school students one day nutrition recipe 3 breakfast: apple jam flower rolls, milk (or soy milk), 1 poached egg, stir-fried soy beans.

Fruit: 1 banana (or cucumber).

Time: Two rice (black rice, standard rice), shiitake yellow flower black fungus meat slices, red pepper stir-fried cucumber, white radish kelp rib soup.

Dinner: soy milk porridge, green onion pancakes, shredded pepper, celery and shredded pork.

Elementary school students a day nutritional breakfast 4: fresh meat buns, milk (or soy milk), salted duck eggs (half), vegetarian fried three shreds (lettuce, white radish, carrots).

Fruit: Yali (or watermelon).

Among them: red date rice, soy roast beef, dried green beans, enoki mushroom and laver egg soup.

Dinner: three fresh noodles (pork liver, ham sausage, black fungus, oyster mushroom), stir-fried spinach, green pepper and potato shreds.

Elementary school students daily nutrition recipe 5 breakfast: soy sauce bun, milk (or soy milk), vegetarian fried three shreds (lettuce, white radish, carrot), 2 quail eggs.

Fruit: kiwi (or peach) 1-2.

Temperature: red bean rice, konjac roast duck, red pepper stir-fried cauliflower, fish head and mushroom winter amaranth soup.

Dinner: Pork buns with celery, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, tofu brain with minced meat.

Elementary school students a day nutrition breakfast 6 breakfast: bread, milk (or soy milk), 1 fried egg, braised spiced tofu.

Fruit: 5-6 strawberries (or plums).Where: Two rice (rice, millet), spiced fish, colorful silver wire (soybean sprouts, carrots, lettuce), chicken leg mushroom fungus pork liver soup.

Dinner: polenta, egg cakes, fish-flavored shredded pork.

Elementary school students a day nutritional breakfast 7: sesame rolls, milk (or soy milk), 1 boiled egg, tempeh anchovies.

Fruit: 1 apple (or radish).

Where: Golden and silver rice (corn tamales, standard rice), black fungus with bamboo shoots, sweet and sour cabbage, mung bean pumpkin soup.

Dinner: Leek pork dumplings, garlic and rattan vinegar, stir-fried cowpea with minced meat.